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TIDE expects to become a global energy IoT solution company by solving the challenges in the smart grid market amidst the ever-evolving IoT age. As one of the cores IoT solution providers, TIDE offers intelligent power grids, energy management systems and services based on various wired/wireless communication technologies such as PLC (Power Line Communication). Our domestic and overseas client portfolio consists of leading power, telecommunication and IoT companies such as KEPCO.

Over the last 10 years, TIDE has been an innovative and reliable company by being the world’s first company to commercialize the AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) system via the HPGP PLC technology, providing high-speed multi-channels and noise-resistant systems, and creating diverse integrated solutions such as Modem, DCU, HES and MDMS Server.

TIDE strongly believes the importance of environment protection and energy efficiency in order to achieve a sustainable future for mankind. Thus, our technological commitment will foster mutual betterment of our allied companies, customers, shareholders, and employees. TIDE pledges to always hold our management philosophy and values at heart.

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CEO Kevin Cho

TIDE will become
a global energy IoT company


  • KEPCO High Voltage AMI LTE Modem Project Awarded

  • EV Charger(7kW) KC Certificates

  • EV Charger(22kW, 120kW) Development for Indonesia Market.

  • HPGP PLC based SECC(EV Communication Module) Development for V2G/PnC

  • JV(Joint Venture) establishment in Indonesia for EV Charging Service

  • Malaysia AMI & RMR(High Voltage) Implementation Lab. / Pilot Project

  • LAOS AMI Implementation Pilot Project

  • Indonesia West Jawa AMI Implementation Grant Project(ODA) awarded


  • Smart APT AMI Implementation Project Awarded (100K households)

  • EV Charging System Development (7kW, 11kW AC Charger)

  • OCPP v1.6 Full Version Certificates Achievement

  • HPGP PLC based SECC(EV Communication Module) Development

  • Indonesia Street Light Management Project
    Supply Modem, DCU, and Platform for Smart City
    (Jakarta, Serang, Sumbawa and so on)

  • Agreement for Indonesia OBU(On Board Unit) for MLFF(Multi Lane Free Flow)


  • Indonesia BATAM PLN AMI Implementation Project awarded

  • Indonesia West Jawa AMI Implementation Feasibility Study Project awarded


  • Supply LTE Modem for Industrial AMI (LGU+)
    Selected as supplier for the 4th low-voltage AMI project by KEPCO


  • Selected as LGU+ Partner for the 5th High-voltage AMI LTE project by KEPCO

  • Selected as PV AMI supplier by Korea Energy Agency
    supply contract from 2019 to 2021

  • STT-PLN (Indonesia Electric Power University) Indonesia AMI standardization project

  • Jakarta, Indonesia MDMS (Meter Data Management System) PoC with KEPCO and PT.PLN.

  • Big Data-based Loss Analysis Wired/Wireless AMI System Development Project


  • selected as oversea PoC project operator by KEPCO
    HPGP AMI PoC project in Indonesia and Jakarta (~2019)

  • Selected as supplier for the 3th low-voltage AMI project by KEPCO
    5th order completed


  • Selected as supplier for low-voltage AMI (HPGP) of underground distribution line and rural area
    A total of 130,000 households (100,000 in the underground section and 30,000 in the rural section)


  • certified as KEPCO Trusted Partner
    AMI agreement with Korea Electric Power Corporation
    Korea Electric Power Corporation HPGP project (130K generation, 4Q)
    Romania LOI Pilot Project (CEZ, 4Q)


  • KEPCO HPGP pilot project
    DCU and PLC modem supply to Jamaica
    DCU and PLC modem supply to Kazakhstan
    DCU and PLC modem supply to Romania


  • 2nd smart grid project
    DCU and PLC modem supply to Jamaica
    2nd Smart Grid Project (Government Project)


  • 1st smart grid project
    DCU and PLC modem supply to Jamaica
    Qualcomm Green-PHY Design House Agreement
    1st smart grid project (government project)


  • AMI business
    PLC modem supply to Samsung Heavy Industries (Smart Shipyard)
    DCU and PLC modem supply to Jamaica
    Korea Electric Power Corporation low voltage AMI project project


  • ISO9001-2008 certification


  • Established Tide Co., Ltd.

  • Type approval Certificate

  • OCPP 1.6 Full Certificate(11kW)

  • OCPP 1.6 Full Certificate(7kW)

  • EV Charger(7kW) KC Certificate

  • EV Charger IP55 Ingress Protection Certificate

  • Venture business confirmation

  • Confirmation of technology innovation type SME

  • KEPCO Trusted Partner Certificate

  • Certificate of company affiliated research institute

  • Membership card of Korea Industrial Technology Association

  • Family Friendly Certificate

  • Hi-seoul brand company designation

  • Patent 10-1644379

  • Patent 10-2212364

  • Patent 10-2298641

  • Patent 10-2451848

  • Patent 10-2488317

  • Patent 10-2118287

  • Patent 10-1304426

  • Patent 10-1400432

  • Patent 10-1546027

  • Patent 10-1521977



    서울특별시 금천구 가산디지털1로 128, 20층 2010호(가산동, 에스티엑스브이타워)

    Room 2010, 20th floor, 128, Gasan digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea(Gasan-dong, STXV Tower)



  • Guro
  • Gasan Digital Complex
  • Doksan
Exit 8
10 mins by walk
  • Namguro
  • Gasan Digital Complex
  • Cheolsan
Exit 5
5 mins by walk
Get off at Industrial Complex Baegyangsa Temple
3 minute walk
Get off at Industrial Complex Baegyangsa Temple
3 minute walk
Get off at Industrial Complex Baegyangsa Temple
3 minute walk
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