Tide Co., Ltd. has had product development experience and various application technology based on core power line communications development
expertise accumulated for more than 10 years. The company provides a solution optimized for customers' needs.

Tide is the only company in Korea to introduce Qualcomm's HPGP chipset solution, one of the high-speed PLCs,
into the power advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system. In 2017, the company was recognized by KEPCO's HPGP low-voltage AMI test for its communications stability
and has since built out up to 1 million reference sites across the country.

Tide, which relentlessly works to provide best solutions and services to its customers, promises you to provide reliable, high-quality metering services.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

  • What is AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure)?
  • AMI refers to the advanced metering infrastructure, which is a major element in the smart grid area. In this page, it refers to all the services provided to the customer such as the customer's power consumption data (including monthly/cumulative power usage, hourly rate information) remotely metered using a two-way communication network. This enables the efficient use of electrical power to both power suppliers and customers by monitoring power consumption by means of providing information to both parties.
  • Wide PLC band

    (Fast data transmission, 10Mbps)

  • International standard

    (IEEE P1901)

  • Excellent communication PLC technology

  • AES-128 encryption support

  • Multi-hop support

    (16 Step repeating)

  • ROBO mode support

    (Mini ROBO 3.8Mbps, Standard ROBO4.9Mbps, high Speed ROBO 9.8Mbps)

System arrangement




TIDE is currently undertaking various pilot projects with numerous companies throughout the world.

  • No.
  • Project Name
  • Comm.Type
  • Year
  • Q’ty(Household)
  • No.
  • 1
  • Solar Energy Remote Monitoring System in Korea
  • LTE
  • 2019~
  • 30,000
  • DBK
  • 2
  • AMI Pilot Project in Jakarta INDONESIA
  • Broadband PLC
  • 2018~
  • 500
  • 3
  • AMI(Low Voltage Residentail) Project with KEPCO(Utility Company) in Korea
  • Broadband PLC
  • 2020~
  • 800,000(Estimated)
  • 4
  • AMI(Low Voltage Residentail) Project with KEPCO(Utility Company) in Korea
  • Broadband PLC
  • 2018~
  • 1,000,000
  • 5
  • AMI(Low Voltage Residentail) Project with KEPCO(Utility Company) in Korea
  • Broadband PLC
  • 2017~
  • 130,000
  • 6
  • AMI(Low Voltage Residentail) Project with KEPCO(Utility Company) in Korea
  • Broadband PLC
  • 2015~
  • 11,000
  • 7
  • AMI Project with LG U+ for KEPCO(Utility Company)
  • LTE
  • 2019~
  • 1,000,000(Estimated)
  • LG U+
  • 8
  • AMI Pilot Project in Romania with CEZ(Utility Complny)
  • Broadband PLC
  • 2016~
  • 1,000
  • CEZ
  • 9
  • AMI Project with LG U+ for KEPCO(Utility Company)
  • Broadband PLC
  • 2014~
  • 1,500,000
  • JPS
  • 10
  • Smart Grid Deployment Project(2014)
  • Broadband PLC
  • 2014~
  • 652,000
  • SK Telecom
  • 11
  • Smart Grid Deployment Project(2013)
  • Broadband PLC
  • 2014~
  • 302,000
  • 12
  • KUWAIT Smart City Project
  • Broadband PLC
  • 2019~
  • 40,000(Estimate)
  • LH
  • AMI for MicroGrid
  • Community Energy System Program
  • The Community Energy System program provides electrical power to local power consumers without the mediation of the electricity market by generating an appropriate volume of power demanded locally with a less-than-the-normal capacity of distributed power sources as designated by a Presidential Decree.

Community Energy System AMI


Equipment Name
Product Photo
Major Functionality
Data concentrator
DCU for pole transformer


  • ·HPGP PLC communications between DCU and modem
  • ·Can support 128-bit AES encryption between DCU and modem
  • ·Can support DTLS protocol between DCU and modem
  • ·Can support application level ARIA 128-bit GCM authentication encryption between HES-DCU intervals
  • ·Capable of communicating with more than 400 watt-hour meters
  • ·Can support transformer load surveillance
PLC modem for low-voltage smart watt-hour meter



  • ·HPGP PLC communications between DCU and modem
  • ·Mediates protocols between DCU and watt-hour meters
  • ·Can support 128-bit AES encryption
  • ·Can make RS-485 communications with up to 30 G-Type and AE-Type watt-hour meters and modems
  • ·Can support mutual authentication and secure communications
LTE modem for low-voltage smart watt-hour meter



  • ·Can support packet communications
  • ·Two-way communications with AMI servers
  • ·Embedded with G-Type watt-hour meters and capable of making RS-485 communications with E-, G-, and AE-Type watt-hour meters
  • ·Embedded with AE-Type watt-hour meters and capable of making RS-485 communications with E-, G-, and AE-Type watt-hour meters
  • ·Can support mutual authentication and secure communications
Equipment Name
Product Photo
Major Functionality
LTE modems for high-voltage watt-hour meters
  • ·Data processing and temporary storage
  • ·Supports packet communications
  • ·Two-way communications with AMI servers
  • ·Includes communications cables (optical)
  • ·Can support mutual authentication and secure communications
Additional Offer
Provides field emulators & field laptop computers
  • ·Functionality to manage modem and meter status
  • ·Functionality to collect metering data
  • ·Can manage control and status of modems/meters/DCUs
  • ·Can call up field technicians for malfunction and other maintenance work
Additional Offer
Provides quality measurement device
  • ·Measures PLC quality in time of malfunction or repair work
  • ·Detects signal failures at the time of designing
  • ·Inspects communications environment for quality measurement at regular intervals
  • ·Functionality to check and store signal levels
Additional Offer
Provides repeaters for quality improvement
  • ·Instant increase of 53% when installed in blind spots
  • ·95% increase in metering ratios of unchecked meters after installation
  • ·PLC communications possible in blind spots by using amplified bandwidth in the weak signal intervals
  • AMI for Photovoltaics
  • Solar Power Generation Monitoring System
  • This is a system that helps you systematically manage the operations of the solar power rental business by remotely/automatically acquiring the power generation information provided by the solar power watt-hour meter.
  • Solar Power Rental Business
  • This is a system whereby solar power capacities are installed and rented to individual homeowners who pay some of the reduced electricity bill as a rental payment. Through this system, consumers can save money while rental companies earn rental income and promote the supply of renewable energy resources by selling REP to those obliged to supply renewable energy.

System diagram & business outlook

Tide provides a remote meter reading system for home solar installations, helping each homeowner to deliver solar power generation to new and renewable energy centers and solar rental companies, and an REP based on accurate meter reading can be issued.

  • Target for installation & volume

    promotion of solar power rental business

  • Selected as a remote meter reading system provider

    Selection of remote metering system business operators (3 years between 2019 and 2021)
    - 2019 (confirmed): 18.8 MW for detached homes; 4.2 MW for apartment units (total 23 MW)
    - 2020 (expected): approximately 25.3 MW (10% growth assumed from the previous year)
    - 2021 (expected): approximately 27.8 MW (10% growth assumed from the previous year)

  • Program length

    7 years + 8 years optional (total 15 years)

  • Smart Street Light System
  • Smart Street Light System.pdf
  • Smart Street Lighting Solution
  • Tide expects to become a global energy IoT solution company by solving the challenges of the smart grid market in the constantly evolving IoT era. Tide, one of the core IoT solution providers, provides smart power grids, energy management systems and services based on various wired/wireless communication technologies such as PLC (Power Line Communication), RF (Radio Freq.), and Cellular Mobile Technologies based.

Smart Street Lighting Solution Product Information

Tide's Solution

  • Stable and high efficiency:
    No need for separate construction and wiring

    You can communicate using
    existing power lines.

  • Energy consumption analysis
    and lighting use management

  • Warnings and warnings:
    technical and non-technical energy losses

    (Theft and leakage) and limited life of lights

  • Asset management and maintenance

  • Automatic / manual lighting control,
    scheduling according to time

    Single light control, multi-group light control, Icop control, one-key broadcast control

  • Automatic network scan

Service structure

Smart Street Light Management System

Smart lighting management system based on cloud technology is
applied to street lights, park lighting, tunnel lighting, landscape lighting, etc.
It can solve the poor lighting conditions, lack of management tools and
other problems of the existing street light system.
It also provides real-time lighting monitoring, abnormal condition diagnosis,
energy consumption statistics, and other functions of all areas and
road sections to enhance the city image and
provide energy saving economic benefits.

  • Street light
  • Park streetlight
  • Tunnel lights
  • Landscape lighting

Smart Street Light Management System

  • Intelligent monitoring

    Based on the GPS map, it monitors the operation status of the entire network street light in real time.

  • Error warning

    Intelligent alarm for cable anti-theft, leakage lines, lamppost slope and abnormal switches

  • Auto light inspection

    Low-cost, high-efficiency resource cutting Real-time full-network automatic inspection of each lighting

  • Lighting rate statistics

    Real-time lighting speed monitoring and past lighting speed analysis

  • Environmental awareness (optional)

    Full network, environment, temperature, humidity, illuminance, wind speed and PM25 monitoring

  • Wisdom adjustment

    Loop/streetlight time and light control, longude and latitude, holiday and festival, multi-group streetlight and streetlight spacing switch dimming lighting strategy

  • Energy consumption analysis

    Total energy consumption, local energy consumption, single lamp energy consumption and energy saving analysis of the entire network street light

  • App support

    The mobile application supports installation, monitoring, debugging and error checking.

  • Video monitoring (optional)

    Integrate with video monitoring function so you can see the lighting effects on the spot.

  • Electric Vehicle Charger
  • Electric Vehicle Charger

    With the growth of the electric vehicle market, The importance of electric vehicle chargers has been increasing.
    TIDE Co., Ltd. offers a variety of chargers based on different types of electric vehicles and charging method.
    We apply OCPP 1.6 to EV chargers of various capacities such as 7 kW, 11 kW, 22 kW, etc. And we also support two-way communication for V2G,
    assisting in the establishment and management of charging infrastructure for electric vehicle owners and businesses.

Electric Vehicle Charger Infrastructure Configuration Diagram

EV Charger Service in Indonesia

  • App
  • Payment Platform
  • Cazgo (Mgmt. Platform)
  • EVC

EVC Management Platform

EVC Management Platform : Proven for over 20,000 EV Chargers in Korea

  • 1 Operating Data Management

    Customer and Charger Operation

    Information Management

  • 2 Power Mgmt System Inter-operation Interoperation with AMI Real time data to control the Charging Power and Charging Speed
  • 3 Maintenance & Charging Service Charger A/S Request and Histories
  • 4 Charging Infra. Operation and Mgmt

    Charging Status Information Monitoring

    Configuration and Management of Charger

  • 5 Customer Service Customer EV Charger Usage Data Mgmt

Smartphone Application

  • 1 Charging Data Monitoring Real time based Charging Status Monitoring
  • 2 Payment Payment by E-money through the connection to Payment Gateway
  • 3 Charging Reservation Real time based reservation of charger
  • 4 Information of Location of Charger Location Information based on Map
  • 5 Customer Service User Registration and Information Management

EV Charger V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid)

V2X means communication between the vehicle and all other elements and infrastructure,
including various interactions like V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid), V2B (Vehicle-to-Building), V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle), and more.
V2X enhances connectivity between energy infrastructure, making it smarter and enabling more efficient energy management.

V2G technology connects electric vehicles to the power grid and utilizes the remaining power
from the vehicle's battery to supply or sell energy to buildings or the grid.
To provide the V2G service, HPGP-based communication module is implemented in EVC.
And the EVC needs to connect to V2G platform.

Tide's chargers support two-way charging and communication to enable the implementation of V2G technology.

V2G System

OCPP 1.6

OCCP (Open Charge Point Protocol) is an open charging communication protocol developed by OCA (Open Charge Alliance)
for the purpose of charging station operation and maintenance, and is used in more than 40,000 charging stations in more than 50 countries.
Tide's charger is OCPP 1.6 Full certified.

Advantage: Increased compatibility with charging operators increases operation, manageability, and convenience

Functions: Can be used for information guidance for charging users, user authentication (remote authentication),
charging station status management (firmware management, device diagnosis), remote control (failure management), etc


Roadmap of EV Charger and V2G Solutions

Roadmap of EV Management & Payment Platform

Pilot Project in Korea

  • App
  • Payment
  • Management Platform
  • EVC
  • Apartment : Hyundai Hillstate

    40 EV Chargers, AMI Service Connected
    : Controllable EV Charging Speed

  • Shopping Mall : Hyundai MAll

    DC Fast Charger, AC Slow Charger
    : KEPCO(Utility) Chargers linked to CHARZIN Platform with Roaming Service

  • Bank : IBK Bank

    DC Fast Charger, AC Slow Charger
    : the 1st KBEMS Linked Service

Pilot Project in Indonesia

  • EV Charging Pilot Project in Indonesian with Real Estate Conglomerate Alamsutra Group, 2022, GWK-Bali Park (G20 venue)

  • On-site installation in Indonesia

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