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Tide wins order for Romanian AMI construction project

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Tide enters the Eastern European Smart Grid Remote Meter Reading Infrastructure (AMI) market.

Tide (CEO Hee-yeon Jeon) announced on the 1st that it has recently won an order for the Smart Grid AMI construction project for 3000 households in Romania, ordered by Electrica S.A, a leading power company in Eastern Europe. The communication processing technology such as the Data Collection Unit (DCU), which can communicate data up to 1.5km based on the Internet of Things (IoT), which has escaped from the European method, has been highly evaluated.

Tide was finally selected as a business operator after a local test in July of last year, and will build AMIs for 1000 and 2000 households in Romania's Adjud and Panchiu regions from June. As the Romanian government plans to carry out the country-wide AMI construction project step by step, additional orders are also expected to be advantageous.

In Europe, communication methods such as G3 or low-speed PLC (power line communication) were adopted, but communication noise was generated due to the aging of wires and power facilities, which made it difficult to establish AMIs. Tide applied the international standard HPGP (Homeplus Green Phy) to secure more than 98% communication rates both underground and above ground. In addition, by providing a multi-platform including a high-efficiency data collection unit (DCU), it is possible to preemptively respond to meter reading completion such as real-time data collection, as well as pre-test, construction, operation, and maintenance.
The AMI built by Tide delivers electricity consumption according to hourly power rates to customers, leading to energy savings. In the business, domestic technologies such as smart meter, communication module, data collection unit (DCU), and load control unit (LCU) were applied.

President Jeon Hee-yeon said, “We have won an AMI project with the HPGP communication method and IoT technology that has improved completeness. Middle” he said.

Source: https://www.etnews.com/20150130000084


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