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HPGP-based PLC group standard registration'before your eyes'

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The Korean power line communication (PLC) method based on Home Plug Green Pie (HPGP) is about to register as a domestic group standard.

The Korea Institute of Machinery, Electrical and Electronic Testing (KTC) has established a collective standard for AMI (Intelligent Meter Reading Infrastructure) using PHY (Pi)/MAC (Mac) technology based on low-voltage HPGP (Home Plug GreenPHY) with about 10 private companies. In October, the deliberation process of the Small and Medium Business Administration was completed for final registration.

The name of the group standard is'Remote Meter Reading Data Transmission Protocol (SPS-KTC-C-1018-1-7370) based on Homeplug GreenFi (HPGP)'.

The standard draft that has passed the deliberation by the National Assembly currently only leaves a procedure for revising and supplementing some of the contents, so it is expected to be confirmed as a collective standard within this month.

HPGP is part of the IEEE 1901 standard, created by the Home Plug Powerline Alliance (HPPA) in the United States. Since then, HPGP has registered a smart metering communication profile method using DLMS/COSEM (IEC 62056) as an international standard, and has been mainly used in electric vehicles, smart grids, home networks, and smart meters.

In Korea, KEPCO applied a low-speed HPGP PLC-based modem and DCU (data collection device) to the AMI construction project in 2017. Based on the US Qualcomm chip, PHY (Pie)/MAC (Mac) technology was used. At that time, HPGP was applied to the subterranean section as an alternative communication method for Korean high-speed PLC.

As the AMI dissemination business was expanded by national policy, the need for standardization work of HPGP PLC was raised in the industry. KTC and ETRI participated in private initiatives such as Tide and Signal Information and Communication.

After that, it established a permanently certified testing system for technology performance, stability, compatibility, and complaints resolution, and started standardization work in earnest at the end of last year.

If HPGP PLC is registered as a group standard, you can also try to enter the overseas market. Currently, discussions on AMI pilot projects are being conducted in Dominica, and the possibility of exporting domestic standards is expected.

An industry official said, “Registering as a group standard means that we have secured the basis for smart metering through the improvement of PLC communication quality in the subterranean section, so it is expected to be helpful for the KEPCO business.” It is expected that it will be highly applicable to complex fields.”

Source: http://www.electimes.com/article.php?aid=1573704619189695007


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